Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Editorial: "Recent crimes point to need for change"

Oooh, we knew this was coming, didn't we?

Anecdotes in the Courier, facts here.

Crime is less uncommon among poor people. The poor people in the quad cities are disproportionatley Hispanic. The problem is not immigration, it's class and the underground economy, just like everywhere else. Don't fall for the brown-peril scare.


leftturnclyde said...

quote from the oped piece.
"The federal government continues to prove with dismal regularity that people are more interested in winning the 2008 elections than in solving the problem"
I cant argue with this statement.
I cant ingnore the fact that the 3 violent incidents happened .
the real question is what do we do about it .?
I think the oped piece offers a simplistic solution to a complex problem and we should expect a more carefully thought out answer than "Throw em in jail". Come on man we know you can do better!

Steven Ayres said...

You bring up something I skipped over in that whine about the 2008 elections. To whom is the Courier editor referring here? Last I knew Federal immigration policy is enforced by the administrative branch, i.e. the Preznit. There are a few Senators scattered among the primary propects for '08, but no other national officers and no one from the administration. Should we infer that the Courier has given up on the administration actually doing anything, or that the Courier thinks it has no responsibility? And who is supposed to be "solving the problem"?

leftturnclyde said...

yep they have given up on the immigration dept but they are way in favor of the war dept