Wednesday, April 11, 2007

A1: "PUSD board votes down district-wide dress code"

A good news story has the quality of transparency. You can see through the facts to the deeper levels. Shari Lopatin provides us some of this quality today, allowing the PUSD Board's disorganization and emotionalism to shine through alongside the absurdity of the whole issue.

Les Stukenberg's photo adds a touch that's almost arch, bringing home, if you're paying attention, that there's been a lot of smoke and fury over this, but few regular folks actually give a rat's butt about it.


leftturnclyde said...

I guess its not just the important things folks dont give a rats butt about be fair though to the students and teachers involved I bet they care ..funny how kids will fight to the death for the right to wear baggy pants or risque T-shirts or flipflops init.

Anonymous said...

Wait, did you say something *good* about these guys here? Really?!

Steven Ayres said...

When they're doing things right, why not? This isn't rightwing nutbar talk radio.