Friday, April 27, 2007

Letters: Environmental impact over breakfast

AS Russi refers to this from April 11 in calling out City Manager Norwood for doing no more than toe the legal line on water impact assessment. I think Russi may be overstating the City's position somewhat, but we've still had no fact-finding by the Courier about this, going back to the Renzi quote covered on April 3.

Following that we have a fascinating little movie script about breakfast at an unnamed local elementary school, not to be missed.

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leftturnclyde said...

dont make light of that school breakfast letter steve ...There is a shocking lack of supervision at local public schools paticularly during the meal times and daughter is being home schooled because of Just the kind of Aggressive acts that Ms.Barras Prescott describes.
Whether or not people were eating for free the lack of supervision and lack of nutrition are something I have personally parents sneak on over to breakfast or lunch sometime and see if Im lie'in