Friday, April 27, 2007

Editorial: "Wastewater treatment costs are adding up"

The unnamed Courier editor correctly points out that the numbers on City wastewater services are mounting up. Lay those numbers next to the proposed costs of diverting the base flow of the Verde River into Prescott toilets and you do indeed start to talk 'real money.' But conveying that information is a news-beat job. Editorials are about taking a position, and in this case the editor missed an opportunity. I get the feeling there's a certain unease about all this in the Courier office, but he's not willing to go further.

There are plenty of people in town who've been expressing unease about this issue for years while the Courier poo-poohed them. Now faced with the hard numbers, the Courier goes wishy-washy. Progress?

Oh, and guys, I know the Senate Minority Leader has been much on your minds with the Renzi thing going on, but our public-works director is still called Craig McConnell. You knew that, of course.


leftturnclyde said...

Dang ..the cost of maintaining infrastructure raises its ugly head and its getting hard to ignore ..quick publish a story about them dang meskins! that'll make every one forget toot sweet!

coyoteradiotheater said...

This is a news story. An editorial is where you go out on a limb and make an identity for your newspaper to seperate it fromall the other daily newsp . . . oh.

Yeah, I guess there's no real incentive to be unique when you're the only game in town. A couple other incentives fall bythe way as well. Hmmm. How does that change your journalism?

leftturnclyde said...

coyote you always give me a point of view that I missed ..thanks Man
steve give that guy a cookie