Monday, April 16, 2007

Letters: Air service

I'll say it again, scheduled air service from Prescott to Phoenix is for rich people who think they're too cool for the bus.

There's some talk about flights to Las Vegas, for example, which might have limited utility, but it's hard to see that happening with runway slots already full. Some numbers in the Courier on this might be informative.


leftturnclyde said...

dude you miss the point... an airport lends a certain air of sophistication and class to the quad city area.. the better to convince people to ignore the out of control growth ,lack of sustainable water ,and what this lovely area is gonna look like once the developers finsh sealing the entire state of arizona in concrete and asphalt.
of course it will also provide an emergency escape hatch for the above when people here finally come to their senses and organize the necktie party for the above...( quick get the bearer bonds , they're on to us...HA we'll be in vegas before they can organize the posse) not advocating violence..simply making a prediction

Granny J said...

Yes, the service is for rich people except when they're flying beyond the Valley of Death on the same airline that the local service has a franchise tie with. That's one reason everybody was so dang upset when the contract was taken away from Mesa, which tied in with USAir. My complaint is that the city fathers want to spend $$ "upgrading" the terminal facilities, which are fine as is plus I think the little cafe is great! (For ambiance, if not necessarily the food -- see my post.)

Steven Ayres said...

But that's just it, Granny, there's no time savings even if you arrive at the terminal you're about to depart. When you add up the airport rigamarole at both ends and your average layover, it takes just as long or less to ride the shuttle, it's way cheaper and and you have far more choice about when you arrive.

Granny J said...

Ah, but there's one hassle that's over with locally -- the baggage check-in. It beats the scene down at Sky Harbor all hollow! BTW, if & when I fly, it's usually the bus down to Phx. However, the scenery from the air is much more interesting!

Anonymous said...

I'm a big fan of a flight to Vegas. As I've written in our blogs, here's some reasons why:
- tons of cheap flights in and out of Vegas (might prove a lot cheaper than Sky Harbor);
- in regard to connecting flights, McCarran has a much more user-friendly design than Sky Harbor;
- we could market ourselves as a "mountain resort" tourist destination and possibly make some $$;
- we would have a flight connecting to an actual vacation destination. Many of my friends already drive to Vegas once/twice a year.

John P. Kamin