Monday, April 16, 2007

Editorial: "Deductions take pain out of taxes"

Everybody loves to hate taxes, right? So why not yet another bit of harmless fiction about the evil politicians and bureaucrats laughing at all of us for lining their pockets with our money?

I'll tell you why: this BS is not harmless. It's designed to make you stupid -- about government, about taxes, about how our civilization works -- and lead you to use your vote to make yourself poorer and less powerful.

There is a lot of perfectly valid debate we can conduct around what we do as a society and how we pay for it. But debating whether taxes are good or bad carries no more sense than gad gave a chicken. What adults want to talk about is the value we get back from what we put in. Focus on that idea and you'll get a useful discussion.

And what's with that headline?


leftturnclyde said...

question : who is "gad" ? why would "gad" give a chicken anything?
I think steve raises a valid point,(by God)its not whether or not we should pay taxes but what are we gettin for the money we are payin?and as to the laughable, oooh the democrats are gonna raise taxes scare tactic ,Mister or ms unknown editorial writer... if taxes do get raised it will be to pay the bill for a decade long spendfest hosted by the republican party .
oh before I forget
"Deductions take pain out of taxes
fuzzy thinkin leads to fuzzy writing I guess.

Anonymous said...
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