Monday, May 16, 2011

Editorial: Teachers can't seem to get a break today

The unnamed Courier editor gets it right today in calling the HUSD Board on its egregious disrespect for the retiring teachers it put on the agenda to honor. It's fine as far as it goes.

What bugs me is that he can get exercised over whether the board got the ceremonial pins right, but he can't get interested in improving teacher compensation and working conditions, what we most need to attract and keep those great teachers he claims to appreciate. That's the kind of "break" our teachers -- and our kids -- really need.

Good point:
"Tri-City Educator" comments --

If the Courier is so concerned about the recognition, then why haven't they honored these tremendous individuals in the newspaper?


Steven Ayres said...

"Adam" commented:

Here are some Facebook posts of a HUSD teacher .... (deleted as possible slander against another, and gratuitous in any case -- s.)

The seven teachers that lost their jobs (Dan Brown, Steve Courtaul, Amanda Dempsey, Ann Kay, Karen Sampson, Mark Vianello, and Gary Marks) should all question the districts motives in terminating their contracts ....

If this bad teacher can keep her job where is the incentive to be a good teacher? Or in other words why would I make 50 widgets a day when the guy next to me only makes 10. Or why should I show up everyday when I can miss 27 days.

I don’t normally agree with Mr. Ayres. This time I do, the Daily Courier picked a topic that is important to us all and instead of writing anything of substance the editor choose to write about a procedural error. Seven teachers lost their jobs (at this same meeting) and no one asks if the right seven were chosen; that is the job of the media. Pointing out the procedural error is just childish.

Adam said...

Nothing slanderous, I have everything printed out. This teacher has a formal reprimand that is viewable by anyone. Parents have a right to know about this teacher and the press is scared to post it. This teacher identified herself as a teacher on facebook and gave the school where she works. She is proud of her posts (at least that is what she writes).

Steven Ayres said...

But I can't just take your word for that, A. You're anonymous, not referencing primary sources, and it appears you have an axe to grind.

More to the point one bad teacher, however you judge that, is not an argument against proper compensation for teachers in general. To the contrary, better compensation could easily attract stronger competition to the profession and help root out the poor and mediocre.

Adam said...

Adam L. Rowling

The axe to grind is even more scandalous than the facebook posts.

Steven Ayres said...

Thank you for posting your info, Adam. Readers can follow up with you directly if they like. I hope you understand that I cannot allow this blog to be a vehicle for any kind of personal conflict.