Monday, December 13, 2010

Media flashback

We saw Bob Roberts again over the weekend, still one of the funniest/scariest satires on the rise of radical corporatism. With its 1992 release the Robbins brothers predicted with alarming accuracy what was coming for this country. I have to wonder whether even they imagined it would go as far as it has today.

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Coyote Contraire said...

"Bob Roberts" demonstrates a prognosticative brilliance comparable to "1984" and "Soylent Green". It's another masterly work like "Runaway Train", "The Stuntman", "Jacob's Ladder" and so many other under-known and under-appreciated films. This line of thinking always leaves my brain boggled that "Titanic" was thought to be some sort of masterpiece (taking nothing away from the incredible FX, but the rest of it was a white-bread snoozer that made me vomit in my mouth a little bit).