Monday, December 13, 2010

Surprise! Supposed radical doing practical job

On today's op-ed page, Michelle Singletary's column (reprinted from WaPo) focuses on what Elizabeth Warren is doing with the new Consumer Financial Protection Bureau. Republicans screamed bloody murder that she would be a firebrand radical writing rules guaranteed to take down our entire financial industry. Instead we find that she's doing steady, practical work to make consumers smarter about credit.

Will voters notice that once again the Republicans, through character assassination and lies, tried to sell us a bill of goods to protect the privileges of the industry that recently tanked our whole economy? Some of us will.


Coyote Contraire said...

My previous comment was meant to go with "Editorial: Maintain your fear, but don't be scared", not with this "Surprise!..." thing. Apologies for the error.

Steven Ayres said...

I figured it out, but I wonder how it happened. Was it a software error of some sort?

I see comments on the Courier going to the wrong story once in a while, too. Editor error, writer error, or software, I wonder.

Coyote Contraire said...

I was sure I clicked on the proper "comment" link, but then decided is was just another operator error on my part. I've seen that happen in the Courier, too, but chalked it up to somebody indulging in "Drunk Submitting" -- not unlike "Drunk Dialing" which, rumor has it, can sometimes happen late at night. (Let's hope the legislature doesn't figure out a way to include either in the DUI statutes.)