Friday, September 14, 2007

Talk of the Town: "Defensible space code infringes on rights"

Carla Renak rails against the nanny-state idea of requiring her to maintain defensible space against wildfire. I'm with you, Carla, if I don't have to pay for the fire department to defend your home when the flames are coming.

This is the point. We have rules because people aren't sensible enough to be responsible with their freedom, and they wind up costing us all.


Anonymous said...

This is silly. You should want to have defensible space. Big brother should not have to tell you this. I bet if her house burnt down, she'd have a different approach. Some of the talks of the town really don't need to see light of day. This is one of them. jared

MJ said...

carla makes a reasonable point (as do steven and jared) but does so in such a silly and vitriolic way that she makes herself into caricature. "people's republic of california"? puh-lease ... red-baiting is just plain ridiculous in the 21st century.

is she talking about the state that has had a long history of rock-ribbed conservative governors including that latest hero of the small-government set: Ronald Reagan?

"nanny state" ... where does the courier find these people?

Enid said...

People should read this.