Thursday, September 13, 2007

Editorial: "Democracy depends on voter participation"

Hmm, nice juxtaposition. ON A1 we find that the challenger squeaked past the three-term mayor, and on the editorial page we have the unnamed Courier editor complaining that only 53% of voters were involved. Could it be that the editor figures that more voters would have changed the outcome, since obviously the result was the wrong one? Interesting idea, since most cities are ecstatic to see 30% turnout for off-year council polls.

I'll say what would choke the editor: Good job, Prescott voters. You're more involved than most, no thanks to your "Agenda of Excellence" paper.

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Anonymous said...

Agenda of Excellence my ass. More like Courier agenda. For a local paper, its agenda includes things we have no control over, i.e. Congressional term limits. With things like bull shit headlines (Mmmm...Eye Candy), the Courier needs to work on its own excellence rather than trying to set national agendas. Now if we could only get rid of those pesky immigrants. Oh wait that's on the Courier's agenda too. jared