Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Talk of the Town: "Will Young's Farm site be a blight or source of pride?"

I've met Frances Barwood and I like her. She's doing the right thing in trying to get people talking sensible needs and vision over fears. I'm not sure that she's right in betting on the Monogram horse, though, and she seems to be saying that D-H should take what's on offer because the only alternative is worse. The thing is, a working, assiduous P&Z system will help make the thing as good as the law allows.

I'm sure there are some people hopping up and down over there because they can't have the farm back. But those are not the people who should get first dibs on the public mic, and they don't make or break the issue. Let's concentrate instead on what works best for both the community and the owner long-term.


Anonymous said...

You know, I am a relative newcomer to the area and don't really give a rat ass about Young's Farm. (If I had my way, they'd open up a good pit barbecue resturant) But I am glad to see people who realize the farm is gone and try to make the development work, instead of resorting to sabotage.

Courier editors: According to Associated Press style, you don't place an acronym in parenthesis following the term. Especially when you don't use the acronym in the text. Sorry, pet peeve. jared

Anonymous said...

No problem with the farm being gone but you should see the holes in this Monogram plan! The concept sounds good but the land area is far bigger than needed and will only touch off commercial sprawl like PV has. This is not what DH citizens wanted and that's why they voted for incorporation. PV is already going to be building ammenities next to DH anyway. The same idea on a smaller chunk of land might have been fine.