Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Editorial: "A drop in the bucket is still welcome"

Nice. Totally reactive and reactionary, of course, but mostly harmless, and the water-pistol simile is sorta cute. Mercifully short, as well.

More meta: I notice the editorials are all there today under the Opinions tab on the free site. Good job, IT.


Anonymous said...

"For many of the past few years, Yavapai County has been as much of a flyover zone for rainfall as the Midwest is for liberal politicians and media elitists."

Seriously, why not take the "Opinion/Editorial" from the page topper and put a GOP elephant and the NRA logo. At least it would save ink. By the way, the 'media elitists' reside on the East Coast, not in the midwest. Think Boston, New York, Washington. Not Chicago, St. Paul, St. Louis. If you're going to take a shot at 'media elitists' figure where they are at before ignorantly sniping. jared

Anonymous said...

I think the suggestion wasn't that liberal elitists come from the midwest, but that it is a flyover zone for them. So, it's kind of the opposite, as he's saying liberal elitists avoid the midwest.
That said, the logo idea is still appropriate.