Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Talk of the Town: "We must tap into domestic oil to control costs"

Hold the phone, we've got another ringer. So to speak.

Once again the Courier is trying to pass off extreme-right DC propaganda as coming from a local writer. The "Talk of the Town" slug means, um, what was it, Tim?


Oh yeah, I remember now, thanks.

"Local" like the Heritage Foundation. By all means, look it up.

If you have any trouble parsing this BS, let me know, but I think anyone reading this probably knows the score on ethanol, on corn prices, and on ANWR. These bunnies just don't stop.


Media Dude said...

I've said it before: Tim is not the top editor over there, and is not in control of what his boss does or decides. Anyway, this is not as bad as an O'Reilly or Reagan.

Anonymous said...

Oh, the "Drill the Artic" band-aid again! It's not going to help, folks! With a 20 million barrel per day appetite, the U.S. would buy 500 days of usual gluttony from the 10 billion barrels estimated to be there. What we could get on a daily basis from the Arctic would still amount to a small percentage of what we use per day and that isn't enough to swing the price of fuel very far.

Want a real solution? Start thinking about how the U.S. will have to fundamentally change the way it consumes energy.