Thursday, July 26, 2007

A3: "Lamerson stresses basic services in bid for council"

Part four features an unusually ugly photo of the councilman and a lot more quotes.


Anonymous said...

What a classic pro-growther. Build, grow, expand so that we can offer better services! Whoops, all that growth has stressed our systems! Guess we had better grow some more to fix it! What, we're out of water? Well then let's grow even more to finance additional water acquisition!

MJ said...

i'm with you. this is a guy who HAS to be removed from the council with extreme prejudice.

we will never get reasonable action on:

- water
- growth
- open space

with this guy around. anyone who thinks he belongs on the council should look up the "Talk of the Town" columns he's written over the years, paying special attention to his absurd screed claiming that open space is a "special interest" ...