Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Editorial: "Nifong deserves whatever he gets"

Today's top-left rant is matched with a cartoon on the same subject, bringing a sort of Martha Stewart coordination to the editorial page. I seem to recall that I got a memo from Tim a while ago claiming "LOCAL, LOCAL, LOCAL" as his all-capped "mantra." Apparently he failed to distribute it in his own office. As with the recent editorial-page fascination with Paris Hilton, our editors are simply writing out the acid reflux of what they consumed from TV the night before. My advice would be to slug some Maalox and start paying attention to what's happening right here in everybody's hometown.


Anonymous said...

Who cares about this? Old news that impacts me in no way whatsoever. As I have told Tim in the past, I am not a 'Local, local, local' guy. I think there is a balance with national and local news, especially for the front page. But this is a monumnetal waste of space. Mark Nifong? Write about Shelia Polk or how the war on drugs is a huge waste of taxpayer dollars. jared

Anonymous said...

Tim is not the only editor at the Courier -- and he does have a boss. Hmmm.

Steven Ayres said...

Ya think?