Wednesday, June 20, 2007

A1: "Williamson Valley Road design almost complete"

Paula Rhoden turns in a good, well balanced story on the runaway development project that Williamson Valley Road has become despite tremendous effort by local residents to get it under control. It may be that most locals favor the five-lane idea, as the Queen Bee claims, but I see nothing but her word on that. Maybe Paula can follow up with some investigation of this critical factor.


MJ said...

this whole situation drives me crazy. can't someone show that carol springer will personally benefit from this project? that's the best explanation i can think of for the one-note focus and breathtaking arrogance of her approach to this issue.

lots of people don't want this to happen and she does not give a wimp's pizzle what the residents think. if i lived out there i would have started a recall campaign long ago.

Steven Ayres said...

The recall campaign will be this fall, assuming she runs again, and so far the betting says she will. George Seaman plans to run for the seat, and there may be more contenders.