Saturday, June 16, 2007

Editorial: "Mesa Air rekindles its Love connection"

The unnamed Courier editor waxes rhapsodic about the return of the provider of local air service that was always slow, spotty and too expensive, but not quite as bad as the current contractor. Live it up, rubes, and it's only a quarter to see the naked contortionist in the box.

Now can we talk about something important?

Gratuitous dated pop-culture reference: The Love Connection. I'll just go gargle some Drano now.


leftturnclyde said...

I have never understood the attraction that Tim has for making this airport non problem into a big deal...does he have stock in Mesa? Did it save his child from a large carnivore?Does Drano come in chocolate flavor?...just kidding

Anonymous said...

Who really cares about the airport, or air field. I especially liked the condescending 'Borneo' reference that was dropped in (yes, that's passive). The vegas idea is a good one, but let's see how much it costs. jared

Steven Ayres said...

=> I especially liked the condescending 'Borneo' reference

Ha! I wonder whether the writer could find it on a map.

MJ said...

i don't understand why steven rails about this as a non-story every time it comes up. just because you don't fly out of prescott doesn't mean that no one does.

i have certainly considered it, and one of the big reasons i haven't done it yet is the silliness about great lakes flying into terminal 2 at sky harbor.

to me, this is just another local interest story.

Steven Ayres said...

Well, I'm among those who have experienced flying out of Prescott, on Mesa before, and I just found it to be dead stupid in terms of both time and money.

What irks me is that this is a commercial arrangement to serve a few rich customers using federal money for "essential air service." I mean really, this isn't the Alaska bush. It's simply pork for the privileged, and the Courier is heavily bought into it as an important issue, even though 99+% of the people who live in this area couldn't care less.