Wednesday, June 27, 2007

A1: "School board member is at the heart of 9-1-1 dispute"

Anyone who's watched Tom Staley on the PUSD board will not be surprised at this story, in which his hot-headedness gets a little out of hand. This ran him straight into conflict with the ridiculous over-cautiousness of our lawnforcement policy today, in which overreaction is not just tolerated, it's required. Mirsada Buric went beyond summarizing the police report to get comments from Staley, all good. The recording of the 911 call on the free site is welcome too.


leftturnclyde said...

now this is what I call quality first class entertainment! First off ,massive props to the courier for not backing off on this issue although I will Bet Tom has pissed off somebody at courier in the past and his karma is being leveled.The 911 call recording is priceless,I love how he Identifies himself as everything but a school board member first .This is on top of the obvious weapon statement which he denies .THe only thing that would have made his actions more funny (and I was looking for this)was for him to claim a vast far reaching conspiracy aginst him .This idiot is wasted on the PUSD board he needs to be on the current Vice presidents staff. I may start refering to theis guy as "the Queen of denial" Snigger

Anonymous said...

This dude is a loose cannon. And he is a decision maker when it comes to educating students in this area? Wow. Get rid of him. If he's going to go to school grounds and act like the NRA jackass that he is, throw his ass in jail or off the school board, preferably both. What a loser. jared