Wednesday, June 27, 2007

A1: "Council cuts bed tax hike proposal by half"

Cindy Barks covers the basics pretty well, but I can't help feeling that something's missing from this story.

We have the major business players supporting a two-percent bed-tax rise to allow for more tourism promotion. We have an apparently small group of hotels resisting, and Councilcritters compromising as a result, probably in part because of ideological opposition to taxes.

What's bugging me is that if City-sponsored promotion is making the Chamber happy, why are some hotels not happy? Might there be some favoritism going on in the promotions? If investing in promotion is working, why don't the Chamber members just get together and invest the money that Council now says it won't extract in taxes? Might the tax regime be creating a market distortion that some businesses can use to advantage over others?

I'd like to see more on this.


leftturnclyde said...

Steven said:
I'd like to see more on this
but you wont because the one thing the courier wont do is do the investigative reporting needed to see some more on this ..unless of course its about how we need to get rid of them dang meskins ...

Anonymous said...

People come here and stay in hotels? about those pesky meskins....jared