Friday, May 25, 2007

Wiederaenders: "Roundabouts leave a lot to be desired"

I'm sorry, I have no sympathy for this at all. Roundabouts are very simple -- you just have to understand what a 'yield' sign means. If you can't handle it, I'd suggest you should probably turn in your license. But the simple truth is that anyone who can handle a freeway merge can easily handle a roundabout, as long as you don't turn your mind off when you see something that looks new.


Media Dude said...

I agree with the blog. I heard that the number of accidents at that intersection went from 10 to 16 with the roundabout being the only change. Are Prescott drivers 'zombies,' as Tim has written about before? No doubt. Does that make roundabouts a good idea? I think people need lights and easily understood traffic devices ... because they are driving distracted. Stay safe out there and watch out for the other guy!

MJ said...

tim mentions the use of traffic circles in europe, but only to imply that they only work if one drives on the left side of the road, or that the brits are goofy, or something.

they are used extensively in europe, in countries where they drive on the right and the left, in heavy traffic situations (ever been to amsterdam?), and they seem to work pretty well.

they may well take some getting used to. i'm hearing a lot of "we've always done it this way" instead of a more rational argument -- "explain why traffic circles are worth the uncomfortable period of adjustment".