Friday, May 25, 2007

Letters: Councilcritter toots horn

I've known Jim Lamerson for years, and I've got used to his iconoclastic style. But it's a little unseemly even for him to write something like this. That should be a job for a happy constituent, and if you're not getting that sort of help, it's a clue.

For the record, I think he's got a point -- people are always more willing to bitch than praise, and as voters we need to be more aware of what's not going wrong. I don't necessarily agree with him about what's going right, however.

Did Jim call up the Courier seeking an interview for a feature on Council's point of view about its various controversies? Might not that have been a good idea, editors?

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MJ said...

Jim Lamerson's fever-dream rants against people who think open space is a pretty darn good idea have bothered me for years.

This letter is pretty coherent but the picture he paints of an effective and far-sighted council dedicated to progressive causes must be a portait of a different city's council.

I think he's starting early on his re-election bid ...