Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Thomas: "Leaving Iraq equals a win for jihad"

Originally titled "Unending War" (May 30), the nutbar right's favorite junkyard dog continues to remind me of Monty Python's Black Knight, four limbs missing but still cursing us as cowards for refusing to shred him further. Sort of pitiful, really.

The Courier editors ran this more or less full-length and expunged his occasional passive voice without too much damage, with one important exception: where the Courier wrote "People make mistakes" in war, an admission you'll never find in the administration talking points he uses in place of a brain, Thomas wrote "Mistakes are made," keeping him more in line with the amnesiac obfuscators currently facing Congressional inquiries.

This was a mistake, of course. The Courier consistently treats radical-right voices with clear respect, in contrast to its rather less consistent treatment of moderate and progressive writers.

Update, 3:30pm: I forgot to mention Cal's wacky take on Japanese culture. For the record: completely wrong.

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leftturnclyde said...

I wonder how much haliburton is payin this guy?