Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Letters: I did not shoot the deputy

Among three letters on the deputy story, Linda Hunt writes, "It takes great courage for a law-enforcement agency to root out suspected criminal behavior within its ranks," and I have to wonder why in the world this might be accepted as conventional wisdom. If it is, it's pathetic.


Media Dude said...

I think managers look at this like "Great, now we have to do something." It's a human resources nightmare and the deputy's arrest forces them to act.

leftturnclyde said...

"I really do not care for the new arrangement of pages in the B section of the newspaper. I understand that Sports needs a fair shake but I expect to find the funnies and the Annie's Mailbox page paired together. I guess I am programmed that way but this new arrangement is annoying."

how did this end up on the letters page?
and how do we get this person to buy a clue?