Thursday, May 3, 2007

A1: "Lowe's construction site raises concerns"

Cindy Barks paints us a picture of discomfited Councilcritters grilling the Lowe's representatives over the mess they're making. What I'm not seeing is any indication of whether the construction crews are doing anything that Council didn't approve. It reads a bit like a show for the complainers, but without that crucial bit of information, we can't draw a conclusion.

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leftturnclyde said...

"Although Suttles acknowledged that city officials "knew what it was going to be," she said she might not have realized the extent of the work"

so you knew ..but did not know ?
COME ON !How come the courier didnt slip a investigative blade in on this comment?
I think its fairly obvious that the council has been getting some heat over the destruction of that hillside..much like the heat they got over the Lamb Chevrolet project and are simply making concerned noises to appease the folks who live next door .