Saturday, April 7, 2007

Letters: The peace rally

The Courier is still taking flak about its backhand disparagement of the peace demo last month on the anniversary of Bush's adventure in Iraq. That oughta teach you to talk down personal choices in footwear.

(The first reader who can post me a link to the original story gets a cookie, I'm getting no joy from the Courier archive this morning.)

Update, 10:26am: From leftturnclyde: 'Give peace a chance', March 25.


leftturnclyde said...
ok steve here's the link gimme my cookie, chocolate chip if you please
as to the article..what did we expect ! my least favorite part of the article is the statemenet that seems to make these folks cowards ..didnt want to think about the effect alchohol would have on those who disagree with us ?
come on , sounds like a responsible attitude .and its made to sound like "see how cowardly these hippies are ? wont even fight for what they believe in"
of course imagine what would have come out if there had been violence "Radical Drug crazed hippies attack patriotic defenders of our boys ,over there ,long way to tipperary , long live the king POTUS

Steven Ayres said...

Good work, lefty, your cookie is ready.

MJ said...

hmmm ... lefty's link didn't work for me -- looks like a few things got left off the end of the URL:

MJ said...

oooh ... that sucks.

URLs appear to be length limited by bummer.

use the URL that lefty and I both posted, then append:


right after 43390. that oughta work for ya.

Steven Ayres said...

MJ, please check the link in the updated main story, it seems to work OK for me.