Saturday, April 7, 2007

A1: "Young's Farm"

Lefty prods me to post on this, and I admit something about it bothered me on first read, but I put it to the side. Developer Monogram is sweet-talking the D-H P&Z Commission about water, vegetation and open space, which rightly ought to be a strong concern there along what's left of the Agua Fria. I'm reading that Monogram can put in wastewater treatment, but they'd rather use septic systems, they're not sure about the trees, etc. It may be that the Commission will make them toe the line, but it's hard to see in Doug Cook's story. Maybe they didn't say. I just get the nagging feeling that something's being soft-pedaled here by somebody.

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leftturnclyde said...

another example of the courier not expecting its reporting staff to do anything beyond high school reporting. The developer makes all kind of shifty statements and is challenged on none ! the agua fria goes right by youngs farm, do we really want a lot of septic tanks there ?
what kind of open space will be left ? which trees ? wheres the oversight ?
come on courier why am I asking these questions ?
( maybe I should loan you the rubber mallet)