Monday, April 30, 2007

Editorial: "Teaching girls to fight back"

In the anodyne of the repackage-page-one-plus-"this is icky" formula, we have a repackage of page one plus "I like this." Waste. Of. Space.

A journalist, on the other hand, might have made a couple of calls and come up with a quote from the public-ed czar about adding the program to the statewide curriculum, for example, or maybe a cost estimate and options for paying for it, in other words some contribution to the public discourse that makes the voter smarter.

Editor: You have to knock out a couple hundred words a day. It might go better if you treat it as an opportunity rather than a dull chore.


leftturnclyde said...

come on steven give the guy a break he just isnt used to dealing with SUPPORTING womens empowerment issues.
I mean this is the same paper that published that "Amatuer" cartoon.

Steven Ayres said...

That's a point.