Wednesday, April 4, 2007

Cohen: "Obama's memory is politically expedient"

So I've read the Courier version and I'm over on WP checking the original, and everything's matching up nicely. I'm thinking, "OK, the headline is harsh, but here's an example of pretty much just presenting the column -- no introduced errors, no editorial wedgies, all nice and kosher." Right up to the end, where I find this:

JFK, of course, is the politician to whom Obama is most often compared -- the wit, the physical grace, the eloquence, the youth. That's understandable, but superficial. The politician who really understood that life should unwind like a movie -- the arc, the reveal, the back story, etc. -- was Ronald Reagan. He always starred in his own movie and so, it seems, does Obama.

Removed "for space," no doubt.

I suppose it's also just a quirk of fate that this column was from March 27 and yesterday's column is titled "Gonzales the Cipher." Care to see the lead? Bet you won't see this in the Courier.

Dead men tell no tales. But if they did, the ones they would tell about Alberto Gonzales would by now be familiar: an expert in giving his boss, George W. Bush, precisely what he wanted. The dead men in this case are the ones who were executed while Bush was governor of Texas and Gonzales was his legal counsel. Sometimes, as often seems true with Gonzales, the details eluded him.

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