Friday, April 20, 2007

A1: "City plans to borrow $30M for variety of projects"

Another story by Cindy Barks gives us some meat among the page-one filler. This is the sort of dry, totally non-sexy story you really need to read and absorb to be an informed voter, and should be central to the mission of any local paper.

I'd just like to hear more detail on how we're gonna pay for this. I see a little on water/sewer rates. How about some numeric projections and proposals?


Granny J said...

A problem with the standard journalistic treatment of a story like this is that it is all text. A table listing the various projects and prices would summarize the data more directly for a reader. For that matter, even a bulletted (sic!) list in the text would help. I had to go searching for most of the projects at the
tag end of the story. Of course, no mention of how to pay for it.

leftturnclyde said...

of course if anybody could easily understand what was goin on..why we ALL would know what was goin on and this would lead to BIG PROBLEMS for our elected officals and the bureaucrats that help them run our lives for us since we, the Public, are too stupid to be trusted with this information .

coyoteradiotheater said...

See, a pie chart. That's all we're asking for.