Thursday, July 25, 2013

Editorial: Quit starving the schools

Is the editor correct that the Legislature should follow state law and provide inflation adjustments on school funding? Yes. Could he say it in a way that's simple and direct enough for the legislators to understand? One would think so. So why doesn't he? Why, whenever he's compelled to criticize Republicans, does he resort to this mealy-mouthed we'll-see crap?

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Anonymous said...

Steven, this editorial falls under you "have a point" rule. It kind of seems like the 1,000 word paper in high school, it contains 1,000 words but says nothing. I will say something. The recession has hit me and family hard, we are holding on, but barely. Within that context, I would still support raising my taxes to improve education in AZ. I believe the legislature is doing all it can to starve public education, and push kids into charter and religous schools. But, as a state and a nation, without quality public education, we are doomed. It ain't cheap, but it is worth it.