Friday, July 13, 2012

Stealth voters

The AZ Capitol Times (sub req)  is reporting that the shift in voter registrations to the "other" columns continues, favoring Republicans against Democrats in some key races this fall. The article leaves independents out of the vote calculus, so its conclusion has a pretty high bogosity ratio, but the chart is interesting:

This clearly shows that the shift to independent status is almost entirely from the Democratic voter rolls, and from it I'd like to speculate that lots of Dems are waking up to the idea that voting in the Republican primary is where the action is. 

If you're registered as a Dem and you'd like to have something to say about who's representing us in our area, it makes a lot of sense to reregister as independent and pull the R ballot in primary. You've got till the end of July. Check into it. 

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Zig E. said...

I've been under the impression that the up tick in Independents was due to the extremist leanings prevalent in the current GOP. Moderate conservatives rightfully feel a bit uncomfortable with where their party has slid to but they would never change party affiliation to the point of joining the Dems. Personally I've been a registered Independent for 18 years now, having been registered previously with both party's over the years. Never looked back. And I do think that we will see a Independent President in my lifetime. After all it's the " Thinking Man's " party.