Friday, July 20, 2012

Must read: The Geography of Gun Violence

Writing in The Atlantic, Richard Florida presents some illuminating facts about gun violence in this country . Hint: the most common ideas in the culture are myths, and mythic thinking is a factor.  

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Zig E. said...

So are you telling me that the citizens of AZ have low incomes, don't work in a knowledge based economy, have lower levels of education, live with lax gun laws and tend to vote Republican ? I'm shocked - truly shocked. Wonder how a belief in religious supper heroes plays into that as well. Of course one has to only look at the Courier's "Poll" results on having security posted in major public venues. " I don't want no police state " followed by " If we all packed guns we'd be safer ". Sadly you can't make this stuff up. If I could only sell my house.