Sunday, November 6, 2011

The undead blog

Zig E. writes: So Steven, should an obituary be written for your blog?

A few peeks at the posting history at left will confirm that a month or three off from blogging isn't all that unusual, and I've even taken an entire year off.  But beyond the persistent pull of other projects, I'll admit to a certain fatigue over the mission of this publication, and I've been fitfully considering what I can do to freshen it up or move it forward in some positive way.

What would you like to see? Have you been reading the column in Pop Rocket, and what do you think of that?


Zig E. said...

Well I'm glad that your not deceased Steven. I do like your blog. I will confess to not realizing that was your sites history listed there. I can see how running a blog as well as writing a column could sap one his or her creative energy. Something has to give somewhere.
To the question of what I like, I would say more national issues than local ones. The Courier wallows enough in those as it is. And no I haven't read "Pop Rocket". I don't ever seem to come across it in my daily comings and goings. But I'll keep a eye out for it.

Mia Connolly said...

Hi Steven,
I am interested in your "must reads" and your opinions on candidates and issues both locally and nationally.

Coyote Contraire™ said...

Although it may not specifically be part of your mission statement for Courierwatch (to encourage better journalism in the Courier, I think), you seem a fierce defender of the 1st Amendment and will allow postings not even addressing the blog subject to which they're submitted. Bet I'm not the only person appreciating this.

A "freshening" idea you might already have kicked around: Construct an area of Courierwatch where anyone can launch a new thread (provided they meet your very reasonable Comments Policy). True, you could blow a lot of time messing with the site's structure to do that, and reviewing all our blather before posting it, and it would be understandable if you simply don't wish to do it. Though you seem reluctantly tolerant of we pseudonymers, you do at least put up with it and I think you're to be commended for that.

I've thought of starting my own blog on (as you have suggested to us all a time or two), or using one of my own websites to spew my twaddle but I spend enough time dicking around with those sites for the sake of clients and shekel already. In other words, I'm too lazy and want you to do all the work.