Friday, January 7, 2011

Gosar Officially Joins Nutbar Faction

Joanna does a good job with the first-day antics of our new CD1 Rep Paul Gosar, contrasting his empty Bizarro-World posturings with real-world facts. I know a lot of readers won't get it, but would that our media were always so circumspect. Here's a cookie.


dovh49 said...

I believe the reason I didn't vote for him was because he's a war monger.

I do agree with his statement that congress shouldn't make laws and then exclude themselves from those laws (as Obama said they shouldn't be included).

There have been numerous reports of people losing their private health care because of the regulations in the Obama(non)care bill. This bill will help less people, stifle innovation, and be the cause of more expensive downgraded health care. Republicans won't help.

I agree with Laurence Vance on health care:
"Real medical freedom means a complete deregulation of the health insurance industry, unrestricted freedom of contract, the freedom of insurers to discriminate, the absolute right of refusal of coverage, and the repeal of all federal laws related to drugs, health insurance, or medical care. It also means no medical licensing laws, special privileges for the AMA or Big Pharma, restrictions on a free market in organs, federal nutrition guidelines, or federal vaccination programs."

Steven Ayres said...

I'm sure glad we'll never live in the world you claim to desire. The thing is, you are too, you just don't know it yet.

dovh49 said...

"In all these cases, I am reminded of what Richard Tawney said about Martin Luther: "Confronted with the complexities of foreign trade and financial organizations, he is like a savage introduced to a dynamo or a steam engine. He is too frightened and angry even to feel curiosity. Attempts to explain the mechanism merely enrage him; he can only repeat that there is a devil in it, and that good Christians will not meddle with the mystery of iniquity."" - Thomas E Woods Jr.