Friday, December 10, 2010

Front page: Ousted mayor enjoys mountain biking, retirement lifestyle

Um, what in the world is this bit of attic-rummaging doing on the front page? What is it doing in the paper at all? Rick Killingsworth was out in PV six years ago, Ken. Is the Courier a personal scrapbook for its employees and their old friends? You could play up the biking angle and put it in the Vitality section, maybe, but it's not news despite the opportunity for Tom Steele to replay his glory days.

Just by the by, I was no fan of Killingsworth as mayor, but I was in on some of the awful stuff that Tony Mortillaro was doing at PV Town Hall, and his firing was well deserved and a long time coming.


Anonymous said...

You should see what Tony is doing in Los Alamos - geez

If you have any dealings with him please post it here:

Anonymous said...

Too late to see what Tony is doing in Los Alamos as he got fired once again. After only 14 months as the county administrator.

Steven Ayres said...

My kind of town!