Thursday, November 11, 2010

My Veterans' Day Spiel

If you really want to honor the men and women of our military forces, get them the hell out of stupid, pointless wars and stop wasting their lives and skills.

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dovh49 said...

My wife got a holiday book that tells you the history of the holidays. It's interesting that veteran's day used to be called Armistice Day and it was supposed to remind everyone of the heavy costs of war. It started after WWI. Then came Eisenhower and changed it to Veteran's Day, to honor the dead and living.

I definitely prefer calling it Armistice day since it reminds people that we want peace not war. It's hard to convince people of that since they get so emotional about it. I have have convinced just about all of my in-laws (my wife's parents, brothers, etc., I also recently just convinced my mother, all of them used to be die hard republicans) that war is bad. It's amazing that it takes so much to convince people. I just have to convince my democrat aunts now (I know, you would think they would already be anti-war, turns out they're just pro party - a trap many people fall into, even myself at one point, I had been working on my in-laws for over five years (ever since I met my wife-to-be), eventually they come around).