Friday, October 8, 2010

Cookies for the editor

Tim merits a cookie for today's op-ed page overall.

The editorial decries harassment by radical religionists of the families of gay soldiers at funerals as morally indefensible (I'll add that it's anti-Christian), but doesn't cross the line to advocate suppression of their right to speech, leaving that for the court to sort out. It's hard to find the line between competing rights, and the editor wisely keeps both feet on the ground and out of his mouth.

Tim's Friday column debunks a common hatemail circulating among right-wingers, even citing, and calls for reasoned thought.

Finally there's the cartoon, which for once is fact-based and warns against right-wing extremism.

Enjoy, Tim!

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Richard said...

Please get with it ... Our early ballots arrived on Saturday the 9th. Got the Democratic Party recommendations for ballot initiatives #s 106 thru 302. Their suggested votes seem well thought out and sensible. 111 and 203 are the only ones requiring some thought. And personal beliefs. The city's propositions 402 - 409 are another thing. Equally as vague and sneaky as the 106-302. Put together by our city council (such as it is) I am prone to vote no on all of them. But possibly 404 might be a yes. How do you feel about Ian Gilyeat? I cannot vote for any of the others for the US Senate ... write him in??? Thanks, Richard