Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Purcell: There's a Sucker Born Every Minute

I don't always look at the midweek outside columns (not on dcourier, sorry), as they're generally so predictable. This one fooled me.

Purcell goes on and on about his dumbass performance in selling a car. But rather than admonishment to readers to have more sense than a fence post in dealing with strangers, he winds up with a completely gratuitous and unsupported swipe at the President.

It just astounds me that any literate person, leave alone the editor of a newspaper, would lend any credence to this sort of thing. I don't care what political point of view it espouses, it informs no one and only aggravates public hostility. Bad choice, editors. Worse than Mike Reagan.

(Here's the column as carried in the Ironton Tribune.)


Anonymous said...

Your postings are generally insightful and illuminating. This one probably is too but it's hard to tell since I have no idea what a "midweek outside column" is or who Purcell is.

I didn't find anything by searching the Courier web site. Would this be a column that appears only in print?

Steven Ayres said...

Right, it's only in the print edition and not directly linkable, sorry.

Steven Ayres said...

Post updated with link.

Steven Ayres said...

By "outside column" I mean one not generated locally. This stuff comes in from subscription sources, and the Courier carries it as filler on the op-ed page. Lately the quality has been drifting down as the Courier has apparently moved to favor cheaper sources.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for the link and thanks again for the always excellent commentary.