Thursday, September 16, 2010

Casserly: Another flying-monkey takedown!

I was planning to simply ignore JJ's patthetic partisan rant today, but the extensive fact-checking and cogent rebuttals in the comments make this piece worth reading. This is exactly the sort of reader response that makes best use of the online model for newspapers -- instant accountability, clear and insightful responses from different, authoritative angles that help readers sort the wheat from the chaff. I hope JJ is reading them and reconsidering the joys of a quiet retirement. Big props to the commenters, you made my day.


Mia said...

Casserly said, "The Tea Party has become the wild card of politics." But perhaps the Tea Party is making headway despite the recent appearance of an unwelcome wart on their nose. Take this fervent event into consideration:

Mia said...

If I copy and paste that link it works. If I highlight and right click to search with Google it doesn't???

Mia said...

Wait, Google searches content, not url's. Ah Ha!! God help my IT-free mind in this new world.