Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Park51 update: with friends like these ...


Taliban officials know it’s sacrilegious to hope a mosque will not be built, but that’s exactly what they’re wishing for: the success of the fiery campaign to block the proposed Islamic cultural center and prayer room near the site of the Twin Towers in lower Manhattan. “By preventing this mosque from being built, America is doing us a big favor,” Taliban operative Zabihullah tells NEWSWEEK. (Like many Afghans, he uses a single name.) “It’s providing us with more recruits, donations, and popular support.” [...]

Taliban officials say they’re looking forward to a new wave of terrorist trainees from the West like this year’s Times Square car bomber. “I expect we will soon be receiving more American Muslims like Faisal Shahzad who are looking for help in how to express their rage,” says a Taliban official who was a senior minister when the group ruled Afghanistan and who remains active in the insurgency. As an indication of the anger that is growing among some Muslims in the West, this official, who requested anonymity for security reasons, mentions the arrest of three Canadian Muslims in Ontario last week on charges of plotting to build and detonate improvised explosive devices. (A fourth individual was arrested in Ottawa last Friday in connection with the case.) The Ground Zero furor will likely add to that anger. “The more mosques you stop, the more jihadis we will get,” Zabihullah predicts.

Here's what you get when you start trying to selectively dismantle Constitutional protections for certain people you don't like. This should inform our phony "immigration" debate as well.

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Use To Do said...

Who'da thunk?
Self righteous, God fearing Americans recruiting for the Taliban? I mean, weren't they all just expressing their concern for the safety of the law abiding Muslims who would be using the center against the "fringe" element who might do something drastic?
Bet nobody saw that comin' by golly!
You betcha!

dovh49 said...

The terrorists are just bogeymen that the government creates to get more power. I know some people wouldn't like me writing that but that's all they are. Created by us by all our immoral interventions in the middle east going back decades.

Thank goodness for sites like antiwar.com (sp) getting the truth out. Hopefully more people will start listening. Including those on the left. The anti-war sentiment has been horrendous after Obama went into office. Where did they all go? They were muted, as Sheehan said in an interview w/ antiwar.com.