Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Prescott BBQ Days

Doug doesn't mention that the entertainment at Prescott BBQ Days will include Big Daddy D and the Dynamites, but no blame for that as it's difficult to find any reference to us or other performers in the event PR materials. FYI, we're playing on Saturday, 2:30-4pm.

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birther t. bagur said...

Have a blast. Maybe I can sneak over for some BBQ!
Get this: I wrote a comment to this story (about the lockdown drill Yavapai College) and they edited (only printed first 3 sentences) without any sort of attribution.
Here is the whole comment
I just now emerged from my Revelations-approved disaster shelter. Man am I relieved! I thought the warnings were because Obama was coming to round us up and put us in NAFTA concentration camps like General Beck has been warning about.

Unfortunately, during the chaos, I burned my supply of paper-fiat money when I fell asleep with a Marlboro in my mouth while on nightwatch...well actually I was engaging in a Mel Gibson movie marathon. The man is a genius and true conservative! I guess I'll have to convince someone to accept gold coins (high-quality 8 carat, with a picture of Saint Reagan, I bought em straight off FOX News) in exchange for some TV dinners (basically all I eat, except for Cheetos) or I'll be eating the rest of my survival seedbank (they are kinda bland and crunchy) least until my next Social Security check shows up.

This paper has no journalistic morals at all. Even I know that altering someone's words without admitting such is a major no-no.