Saturday, July 31, 2010


Tim Rutten: "Hysterical moral panic seems an apt description for our fevered political condition"


dovh49 said...

"How else to explain the fact that questions like secession and nullification — issues that were resolved in blood by the Civil War more than a century ago — have come alive again and are routinely tossed around, not just by fringe figures but by Republican officeholders and candidates?"

Umm...yeah, I want my issues resolved by a bloody war? So if Hitler won the war we would say case settled we are all Germans, the case was decided by the war? I know that's a bit of a reach but that's the logic this guy is using.

This is a must read:
Nullification: How to Resist Federal Tyranny in the 21st Century by Walter Block. Along with, see

Also, remember the Left (Democrats) have used nullification extensively, as outlined in the book.

birther t. bagur said...

Now the teabaggers want to nullify the Civil War because their philosophical ancestors lost that one. Next they'll try to tell us that the Confederate Flags they are so fond of aren't racist.

dovh49 said...

Dude, take it like you want it. But you believe in nullification just like I do. Read the book. Take a look at the form of government AZ has. It was drafted by liberal progressives and is only a partial republic. But it is a democracy. The constitution prohibits the states from having anything but a republic. But AZ says nope we are going to have initiatives. The federal government chose not to enforce the constitution therefore, we nullified the constitution.

Take a look at California. They nullified the drug laws.

Also, don't associate me with the tea partiers. I'm a libertarian leaning voluntarist. Definitely not a conservative.