Friday, June 4, 2010

Editorial: Mural comments shock citizenry

The unnamed Courier editor expresses mild consternation about the racist epithets being hurled from the street and Councilman Blair's bonehead comments about the mural. To that extent the editor is on the right side of history. But the editorial is so wishy-washy and slapdash I can't give him much credit for it. It reads too much like one of Tim's pseudoblog columns -- a reactive screed knocked off in his free time without much thought behind it. He speaks of outrage in the community, but not in the editorial office. In the end, he minimizes the whole issue. Disappointing.

What Mr Blair has done, taking into account his pattern for this sort of behavior, is unconscionable in a Council member. Saying he ought to be more careful about what he says is nothing but a nod and wink. The offense he has given to the community as a whole and the kids and educators at Miller Valley in particular merits serious consideration of his fitness for office. There ought to be no question he should resign immediately rather than put us all through a recall fight. Yes, editor, "racism is alive and well in 'Everybody's Hometown'," and our continuing tolerance of Mr Blair as a representative of the community is the clearest evidence. It's shameful for our city, and it's shameful that our local paper is complicit.

Update, 12:30: An anonymous commenter links me to some deeply ugly stuff. I think we can all, right and left, agree that we don't want our city represented like this.

Update, midnight: It appears KYCA doesn't want this sort of representation either: Blair Fired from Radio Show


Anonymous said...

Being half of an interracial marriage and parent to a biracial child, my blood pressure rose upon reading about the absolutely inane and ignorant comments of Mr. Blair. Should he resign? You bet. On further reflection, I was heartened by the outpouring of outrage and indignation by people responding to the article. Racism exists. Not as much as it used to, but it's still out there. In terms of per capita, it may be no more widespread than anywhere else in the country. These guys pop up from time to time and make fools of themselves. It's what we, the community, do now that will tell the tale. Mr. Blair, as you say is unfit for his position. The public should not subsidize his bigotry. If he wants to go out in spout his nonsense, let him do it on his own dime.

Anonymous said...

Dear Steven,
The only thing I have to add is thanks for your blog. Steve Blair may not think his comments are racist, but the racists sure do.

Anonymous said...

Some nice audio from Steve Blair's radio show including the now famous:

"I am not a racist but.........," line as well as a conversation with fellow councilman John Hanna's wife Sherry.