Thursday, June 3, 2010

Another missing story

From the Republic, an incident on Sunday night: Vandals tag 18 vehicles, 3 homes in Prescott Valley is an unedited PD press release, something the Courier knows how to do, and timely in terms of finding the perps. The Courier should have run it yesterday.

Ditto this: YCSO Seeking Hit and Run Vehicle/Suspects

Update, Friday: They show up today, here and here. Perhaps the editor would like to explain why his local crime stories are coming in so far behind other outlets.

1 comment:

Candace said...

This is all about me.

See, I know it's WRONG, WRONG, WRONG, a crime on some level, for that tagger to bomb that nice yellow car. The tagger has no right to impose his (it's almost certainly his) doodling on the owner's personal property.

No question.

But after I stop thinking about that, I just can't help noticing how much I like that design there.

Isn't it weird? People who want something like that on a car pay a bundle to get it.