Monday, May 24, 2010

Immigration: Documentary draws small, receptive audience

Whatever your political take on it, how does a film that draws 12 people rate coverage on the front page above the fold with pic? Could it be that the Courier editors hope to drum up some more angry comments (read: page hits) over nothing?

Followup, Monday: Ten comments -- almost as many as the film's viewers, not bad!

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Anonymous said...

I think that's exactly it. Look at today's, May 28, article about the president "not getting it". The inaccuracies are so blatant that the only plausible explanations are that Sarah Palin is now a correspondent for the Courier, or these articles are printed in order to make sure somebody out there really reads the thing. It's really a shame. I hate to see an organization like a newspaper, pander to a demographic that attempts to clothe itself in a banner of God, Guns, Patriotism and Liberty but in reality would deny to others that which they supposedly hold dear. A newspaper should inform and educate not pontificate. A newspaper should mediate discussions in a way that intellectually stimulates it's readers and not hold their heads under the slimy muck of sludge that is the average letter posted with so many articles we see. The Daily Courier is frequently a joke; and a bad one at that.