Thursday, April 8, 2010

Editorial: Closed session undermines faith

The unnamed Courier editor gets it right today in calling the City Council (specifically, Messrs. Lamerson, Blair and Hanna, who forced the issue) on its secret meeting about "vagrancy," which is code for brown and homeless people.

If there's any way to legally justify invoking executive session for this topic under Open Meetings law, Council has an obligation to provide that publicly, and I expect the Courier to follow up and demand that public documentation. Short of that, some pertinent questions to the Attorney General's office are in order.

You've earned a cookie on this one, editor, now follow through and show Council that you mean it.

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Fred said...

Any newspaper that doesn't zealously bird-dog local officials when it comes to open meetings laws isn't a real newspaper, imo. Let's hope the Courier lives up to its calling....