Friday, March 19, 2010

Happy anniversary, war fans

We get an editorial every Pearl Harbor Day, but Iraq Invasion Day is here again with no mention of it in the Courier. Maybe the editor would jump on it if we celebrated it with green beer. Or would red be more appropriate?

Update, Sunday:
An anonymous commenter asks how many other papers covered this story. Consider this list to start.


Anonymous said...

I'm curious steve, how many other papers do you know that have editorials on this anniversary?

Anonymous said...

thanks for the link, you certainly didn't have to do that. I went through and glanced at the first two pages and (unless I overlooked it), couldn't find ANY Arizona coverage on it, including everbody's favorite prescottenews.

Anonymous said...

i too looked at the list. it was mostly coverage of rallies and protests. dont recall one of those here this weekend.

birther t. bagur said...

Remember last year, when the editors commemorated the Anniversary of the Oklahoma City bombing (committed by right wing terrorists) with an angry screed bashing Janet Napolitano for suggesting that disgruntled ex-vets could ever, ever perpetrate violent terrorist acts? It was horrifying. They wouldn't run my letter pointing out their terrible editorial decision either.
Even when the Courier editors are at their most thoughtless and craven, there is probably some point in the recent past when they were even worse.