Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Editorial: Proposed library fee sparks outrage

Most days it seems that the unnamed Courier editor has no difficulty cutting and pasting yesterday's front page into the editorial column. On this subject, however, it took from Thursday, when Cindy was writing up the Council retreat, to Tuesday night to come up with this little finger-wag. OK, it was a holiday weekend, there were a few dull, canned editorials already in the pipeline, and he didn't get to his desk to do anything about it till Tuesday. Anybody could understand that, right? (Well, except for Thursday and Friday. Dunno what happened there.)

What it tells me is that the paper is on autopilot not just on weekends but around them as well, susceptible to the Friday-news-dump strategy, and perfectly willing to be well behind the curve in responding, when it suits. Play the sleepy-small-town card.

PS Editor: You endorsed those boneheads for election, remember?


Mason said...

Steven - I voted for Clinton, Gore, Bush2, Obama, Blair/Hanna/Luzius, Kirkpatrick ... and never have I been completely happy with all of them all of the time. You would have to say the same I think. Then why throw in that barb of endorsement, especially when it's not one person who does the endorsing but five on the editorial board. If I ever meet a politician who lives up to their promises let God strike me down right there. It won't happen.

Steven Ayres said...

The Courier editors didn't just vote for them, they directly helped get them elected. That, it seems to me, merits owning up when one starts complaining about them doing exactly the sort of dumb thing anyone could have predicted they would do in office.

coyoteradiotheater said...

I agree. There's a difference between voting and taking on the mantle of editorial. Like in any business, you have to take responsibility for what you sell.