Thursday, January 28, 2010

Embattled Obama declares in speech, 'I don't quit'

I've got just one thing to say about this AP story: In eight years of unending public controversy, the Courier never once associated the word "embattled" with George W Bush. Just sayin'.


Gail Kenny said...

Every President in my lifetime has been embattled (whether the Courier used the term or not) and I think that's a good thing. The President and his team should be taken to task for the country's problems. It's the nature of politics. Jump into the fire, expect to be burned. Whether the paper used the term, every President going back to Johnson was embattled. Kennedy? I'm not sure whether Kennedy was embattled. The 60s was the decade that changed Americans' attitudes from "revere authority" to "question authority."

Steven Ayres said...

Gail, my point isn't about what's happening with the President, rather that the Courier used the term for Obama and never for Bush, who by any measure was far more "embattled." The inference is that the editors used the adjective selectively to reduce Obama's image. Propaganda, in other words.